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Virtual Workshop Series (Session 1 of 2-part Series)

Virtual Workshop Series (Session 1 of 2-part Series)

Wednesday, January 25, 2023 (2:00 PM - 3:30 PM) (EST)


Virtual Workshops are facilitated by the Shafer Leadership Academy (SLA). These SLA programs are available to you as members of the Zionsville Chamber of Commerce through generous contributions to the Zionsville RISE Foundation.

Registration for programs is a limited-time member-only benefit (through August 2023). Registration is required to access a recording or to virtually attend a program. A list of upcoming virtual programs is available here.

January Workshop Series Topic: When the Siren Sounds: Comforting and Connecting With Self and Others During Times of Distress

To register for this program, click here. Enter your information and indicate “Yes, your organization is a Shafer Leadership Academy member.” Then choose “Zionsville Chamber - RISE Foundation” from the list to attend at no cost.

Registering for Session 1 will automatically register you for Session 2 which will be held Thursday, January 26 from 2:00-3:30.

Workshop Description:

Anxiety, sadness, and trauma is impacting every one of us in these unprecedented times. There is hope. We have a new opportunity to recover from our painful experiences and heal. This session will support participants to understand how negative experiences impact their mind, emotions and body and influences their mental, emotional, social, and organizational world. This session will empower participants with practical tools to create positive changes within these areas. In this interactive session, participants will have the ability to gain fresh insights and practice new skills to deactivate their threat response in real time, become more emotionally aware and experience a relaxed body to help them gain more clarity to connect with the best version of themselves. Clients will improve their self-compassion and their self-respect which will transform their ability to influence others in a healthy way. Participants will leave with an intentional plan to live more fully with purpose and honor.

Learning Objectives:

  1. How stress and painful experiences impact your brain and body.
  2. How to identify triggers that activate your threat response.
  3. How to self-regulate your autonomic nervous system by being emotionally aware and relaxing your body.
  4. How to get reconnected with your mission and vision for your life’s purpose in the midst of chaos and confusion.

This program is ideal for: anyone who has experienced their own or someone else’s emotional distress in their private life or workplace that has impacted their ability to function in a healthy way.


This virtual professional development is available to current Zionsville Chamber of Commerce members (and employees of member businesses) at no cost.

Event Contact
Jennifer Griggs
Wednesday, January 25, 2023 (2:00 PM - 3:30 PM) (EST)

If not able to attend the virtual session, registered participants can access a recording for 30 days from date of the program.

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