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Take Care of You

Take Care of You

You’re doing a great job of protecting others from the spread of COVID-19. You’re staying at home, only going out for essentials and when you do go out you’re taking precautions; hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes and staying 6-feet apart from the next person.

But what are you doing to protect yourself? How are you building your immunity and strengthening your body? The best defense against any virus starts with a healthy body and strong immune system! Are you taking these steps to protect yourself?

  1.   Hydrate- Drinking plenty of water allows your body to stave off infection by flushing out toxins.  Start with            this equation to determine how much water you should be drinking:
    • body weight ÷ 2 = # oz
    • (i.e. 150lbs ÷ 2 = 75oz recommended)
  2.   Exercise- defined as activity, requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness.          If it’s cardio, it should keep your heart rate elevated for at least 15 min. Exercise contributes to the                     function of the immune system by promoting good circulation - allowing the immune system to do its job            efficiently.
  3.   Eat well – now is not the time to fill up on your favorite potato chips, ice creams, etc. Focus your diet on
    • proteins– choose lean meats such as -chicken, turkey, fish, lean beef and pork cuts, low-fat cottage cheese,  tofu, egg whites
    • complex carbohydrates – sweet potatoes, beans, lentils, oats
    • colorful fruits and vegetables – be sure to include lots of leafy greens!
    • healthy fats – olive oil, avocado and avocado oil, nuts, nut butters, canola oil – these help with the absorption of vitamin D!
    • Give your body the fuel and nutrients it needs to function at its best!
  4.   Sleep – with all the changes in our daily schedule and the stresses of the current environment, it’s                         important to be sure you are getting enough sleep. 7-8 hours is optimal for adults. When you’re asleep               your body releases specific proteins that fight infection and inflammation. Reduced sleep also results in             the reduced production of antibodies.

Take time today to evaluate your lifestyle. Pick one step you could improve, layout a plan, and take action to protect yourself!

-Body Outfitters

Committed to the health and wellness of our community!

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